How I Changed My Old Heels To New


We all love our favourite pair of heels. And we never want to throw them. So girls here is the little secret that you don’t want to miss out. Next time do not throw your favourite pair of shoes. Just use this DIY hack and wear the same pair with a new style.

Things you require:

  1. Paint brush
  2. Acrylic Colour
  3. Fevicryl 3D outliner
  4. Small water container

Step 1


Take your old pair of heels and with a soft dry cloth clean the heels. DO NOT use wet cloth.

Step 2


Take water in a small container. I choose black colour for my heels. You can choose any colour you want and change your old heels into new. I bought fevicryl acrylic colour. You can buy any fabric paint of any brand. Start painting your heels. It is very simple, don’t stress. I can completely understand when you are doing something to your favourite pair of heels, it is so stressful. We girls have that perfect pair of heels which we never want to throw. If you want dark black colour then do double coat of the paint. It will give the heels nice finishing. Once you are done with painting the heels will look something like this. (See the picture below)


Step 3


If you love matte colour you do not need to follow other steps. Your new pair of heels is ready. And you are ready to shine. But but if you are like me, who likes who add a little bling to everything then follow the steps below. Now take 3D outliner and paint the heels with a thick coat. I chose silver colour for my heels. As i said earlier, you can try any colour. You can buy expensive thick sparkle from big brands too. When you will paint the heels, it will look blueish in colour. Do not worry it is the glue. Leave the heels to dry overnight.

After this step it will look like this:


Step 4

This is the final step. Paint the heels again with the black acrylic paint. Do a thick coat. And voila your new pair of heels is ready.

You are ready to shine like a bright star.

Look at the beautiful pair of your favourite shoes. Black is every girls treasured pair of heels.

(All the images are clicked from Google Nexus 5)

IMG_20150322_224033 IMG_20150322_224045

Do let me know if you like this DIY hack. Share it with your friends and keep rocking..


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