How to make almond butter at home


If you are looking for how to make almond butter at home, then you are at the right page. This is by far the simplest and fastest almond butter recipe. Plus almond butter is so much healthier than normal butter.

I am all about healthy things these days. I eat this with apples, bananas, in smoothies, shakes, on bread toast, like almost anything and everything.  I made this simple protein bar recipe using almond butter.

Here is how to make almond butter at home:

Firstly, add almonds in a pan. Slightly roast them for a minute or two. I prefer using unsalted almonds but you can choose salted almonds as well. It just depends on your taste.

Put them in a food processor and start the process. You will have to hold the processor tight, as it will run for a while. The almonds will collect on the sides of the processor; you can add few drops of edible oil. I use edible olive oil.

In every few minutes stop the processor and scrape the almonds which collect on the sides. After few minutes you will see as the oil is discharged from the almonds it will start becoming smoother. Blend until you have got the desired consistency.


After a couple of minutes of processing your almond butter will become smoother, creamy and yummyyyy..

It is always better to make this at home. It saves money, more hygienic, better for health. You can use almond butter in so many recipes. I hope this helps and you try to make almond butter at home. Do let me know how did it turned out??

You can also add cinnamon or cocoa to add flavor to your regular almond butter.


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  • Pritish May 30, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    Nice and easy. Thanks Ms Sharma.


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