Olivia face wash review

I love experimenting with new products. Olivia has recently launched three new face washes. I love the fact that the Olivia is a herbal brand. I try to use herbal products which are good for our skin. And I am always on a hunt. So today I am going to review Olivia face wash.

Price: INR 15 for 15ml

Ingredients: Aqua, sodium laureth sulfate, licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) extract, Saffron extract, tulsi extract, turmeric oil

My take on Olivia face wash:

I have used tons of different brand face washes in my life. Olivia face washes are budget friendly with travel friendly packaging. I really like the cute tube packaging. It is very easy to pop in a small bag and carry. I like the fact that it is a herbal product. These days’ organic and herbal products are a lot in trend.

Olivia golden glow face wash

I love how this Olivia face wash smells. It has gold, chandan and turmeric which makes this face wash fragrance heavenly. It gives a nice shine after the wash.

Olivia ultra-fresh fairness face wash

This Olivia face wash has creamy texture. It contains milk, licorice and saffron. This face wash gives you brighter skin, thanks to the ingredients it has. It revitalizes the skin by removing dirt and removes dark spots and blemishes.

Olivia herbal acne repair face wash

It has a strong neem fragrance. I would recommend this variant if you have acne or are prone to acne. Then you must try this Olivia herbal acne repair face wash. The goodness of neem, aloe vera and tulsi helps in repairing the skin and reducing break-outs.

Pros of Olivia face wash

  • Budget friendly
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Three variants to choose from
  • Herbal products

Cons of Olivia face wash


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