An open letter to 3 idiots of Bollywood who proved Nepotism exists in Bollywood

An open letter to 3 idiots of Bollywood who proved Nepotism exists in Bollywood

An open letter to 3 idiots of Bollywood who proved Nepotism exists in Bollywood

Dear Varun, Karan and Saif

First of all I would like to thank you. Oh yes, I am thanking you. You proved yet again that powerful women are very dangerous and especially if they speak their mind. You proved that nepotism exists in Bollywood and as an outsider it is impossible to break this stereotype.

At award shows a lot of lame jokes are made and privileged star kids take home all the awards. Sunday night was one such night for Bollywood where three STAR KIDS made fun of a self-made woman who spoke about nepotism.

Karan Johar and Saif Ali Khan were hosting the show and announced the best actor award in a comic role. And guess what? Who gets the award??? None other than Varun Dhawan for Dishoom. The movie which didn’t even do good at box office. When Dhawan was collecting the award, Saif said: “You are here because of your pappa.” To which, Dhawan responds: “You are here because of your mummy (Sharmila Tagore).” Karan Johar jumped in saying: “I am here because of my pappa.” Then three of them shout: “Nepotism rocks”. Varun Dhawan further pushes Karan Johar reminding him, “woh kya gaana tha…bole churiya, bole Kangana”, to which Karan Johar says: “Kangana na hi bole toh achha hai.” All this when Kangana wasn’t even present.

Karan if you had so much of problem with Kangana (rightly) calling you as the Mafia of Bollywood, why didn’t you speak then. She was not spineless like you men. She said whatever she wanted to say when you were present, unlike you. Since then you have gone and said she is playing the victim card, whereas you are doing that. You want to create that perception she is a mad lady. But you sound absolutely berserk to me. It seems like someone pinched you on the wrong side and that too a strong lady and you just can’t take it.

If we go when you started your career and remove Johar as your last name, do you think you would ever have been this successful? Varun, do you think without your heavy surname you could ever enter and make it big. When you have your pappa producing movies, you don’t have to worry na. And Saif remember you were a flop actor when you were young. But at this point of time you all have the power to change things. You could have used it in a better way than looking down upon someone.

Making fun of a three times national award winner is such a shame. Saif you are double her age and just one national award in your kitty, Varun you don’t even fall in this category. Let’s just chuck it.

You all just proved her right, how big this bollywood mafia is. “Bitch, if you speak against us, we will destroy your career.”

You just lost few dozens of fans and respect they had for you. I hope you get to read this letter. The battle between the last name and an outsider will continue forever. And till the time we have people like them, nepotism will continue to exist.

And who am I?
Just a girl with strong views


  • Shaivi Jul 19, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    Very well said. While Varun made up with an official apology, Karan and Saif could have been more sensible, considering their seniority in Bollywood!

    • Akanksha Jul 20, 2017 at 1:33 pm

      i agree with you.. But they need to be more sensible.

  • Jeevitha Jul 20, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    Well said….these guys don’t even worth to represent as an actor in india…shame on their parents.

    • Akanksha Jul 21, 2017 at 10:35 am

      shame on them not on their parents.


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