Thai Airways economy class review

thai-airways-economy-class-reviewI was very excited to visit my sister in New Zealand. After all the research I booked Thai airway economy class from Delhi (DEL) to Auckland (AKL). Having flown a lot of airlines internationally I had certain expectations from the airlines.

The check-in queue at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (Delhi airport) was really long. I cursed myself why I didn’t do web check-in. If ever you are travelling do make it a point to go for web check-in. It is easier and saves a lot of time and energy.

Delhi to Bangkok was a short flight of 4:25 minutes, which was a packed flight with a lot of honeymooners and businessmen. The food was good and decent short flight.

My long flight was from Bangkok to Auckland. The total flying time was approximately 12 hours and I had a horrible experience. One old Punjabi couple was sitting in the next row. I had grabbed centre seat and my father was sitting on the aisle seat. After dinner the lights were dim and everyone had gone to sleep. Suddenly I hear a loud sound and my dad sprung from his seat to help the old man. The old man had collapsed on the floor. Immediately the air hostesses came and announced if there was any doctor on the flight.

Luckily we had one doctor on the flight, she came for the help and things were under the control. The whole place was stinking badly as the poor old fellow shat in his pants and little poop was on the floor as well. After about half an hour later when everything was sorted I called the steward, sir please clear the poop from the floor. And he ignored me, when I called again he said he knows what to do. Clearly I could see they don’t know what to do. As only 2 air hostesses were busy with the old man, he could clear the shit that moment. Another steward came after twenty minutes to clear the poop. Half of the poop was cleaned unknowingly by people. (Just imagine how gross I was feeling.) To top it up they sprayed air freshener. I couldn’t stand the smell and was feeling dizzy. I told my dad lets change the seat.

Fortunately we got the seat as the flight was not full. When we landed and crossed our seats, still the place smelled badly. It was a very daunting experience.

Now came the time to go back to India. I thought I should not carry preconceived notions for the airlines. Probably I had a bad experience. I was just praying for a good flight as it was a longgg flight. The flight load was approximately 75%. So I shifted to the back seat so that I and my dad could sleep comfortably in the flight.

After the takeoff I switched in-flight entertainment on. And woooo it didn’t work. Bravooo… I told the air hostess politely that my in-flight entertainment is not working. First air hostess came and looked at me like I don’t know how to use the system. She started explaining how to use it. I said, I know how to use but this isn’t working. She still could believe me so she tried and failed. She said she will reboot the system and I should switch on again after 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes also it didn’t work, I called her again. This time someone else came and that lady completely ignored me like I don’t even exist. I asked my dad if his in-flight entertainment is working. He said no. I said please complain, it’s very tough in such a long flight. He beeped for help; air hostess came and looked down upon him like he doesn’t know how to operate the system. She said in an irritated tone that first switch on it and walked away. I called that lady and asked her do you even know what his complaint is. He is saying, in-flight entertainment is not working so please check as to why it is not working.

I had to call them several times for the reason. Finally they told me the entertainment system will not work as some software problem. Like really…??? Damn in a 12 hour long flight what will I do. The entertainment system was not working of all the 4 rows. Plus it is not solely about entertainment system not working, it’s not the attitude of the cabin crew. I don’t understand why the whole attitude changes when you’re travelling business class.

The overall experience of flying with Thai Airways economy class was very unpleasant. I will never to prefer flying with them again. Someone or the other person from my family keeps on travelling to New Zealand. Since this experience I have never booked Thai Airways again. And I will not recommend it to others also.

All flights were paid for by me. Thai Airways or its affiliates did not review, or revise this article prior to publication. My views are independent and my own.

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